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Thursday, May 18, 2006

PowerShell Remoting version


Uninstall old version of PowerShell Remoting before install newer version.

  1. Support Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Break to cancel current pipeline (UDP datagram, So not 100% reliable)

  2. Support Maximum Client per IP option (default 2)

  3. Customized client filter policy (%Program Files%\PowerShell Remoting\user.xml, see sample files for format information)

  4. Important: default installation only allow user in Administrators group login from localhost. So you have to have your own user.xml before you can login from another IP. If user.xml file parse error occorred when start service, default policy will be loaded. Check log file or EventLog for details of parse error.

  5. $UserACL variable for current client filter policy

  6. Client is installed as PSSnapin

  7. New install/uninstall script for both server and client, new start-remotehost.ps1 script

  8. CanThrowException and CanHandleCancelKey property of client (For developer)

  9. Change Log file path to %Documents and Settings%\NetworkService\Local Settings\Application Data\PowerShellRemoting.log

  10. Change Service Name to "PowerShellRemoting"

  11. Service related Exception is also Logged to Eventlog (EventLog: Application, source: PowershellRemoting)

  12. Other Bugs fixed

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