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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

PowerShell Remoting version For RC2 Drop

Windows PowerShell Team finally released PowerShell RC2. If you are running windows server 2003, you can enjoy new active directory provider. If you are a windows XP (non-English) user like me, I suggest you download Windows PowerShell 1.0 RC2 Language-Neutral Package for Windows XP (KB925228)

Some important changes not in release note.

Big window, different color
> $host.ui.rawui

ForegroundColor       : DarkYellow
BackgroundColor       : DarkMagenta
CursorPosition        : 0,4
WindowPosition        : 0,0
CursorSize            : 25
BufferSize            : 120,3000
WindowSize            : 120,44
MaxWindowSize         : 120,44
MaxPhysicalWindowSize : 128,44
KeyAvailable          : False
WindowTitle           : Windows PowerShell
If you like color setting of old version
>$host.ui.rawui. ForegroundColor = "gray"
>$host.ui.rawui. BackgroundColor = "black"
Path change
1. Home

2. User Profile folder
<My Documents>\WindowsPowerShell

3. Assembly change
System.Management.Automation now goes to GAC

PowerShell Remoting version
1. Rebuild for PowerShell RC2 version

Download from here. (381k)

Please uninstall old version of Powershell Remoting before uninstall PowerShell RC1. After install PowerShell RC2, you can install new version of Powershell Remoting.


Is the source for powershell remoting available? Also, with the 2.8 release there seems to be trouble getting the snapin to register/showup under 64bit poweshell instances (shows up under 32bit)
Sorry about that.
Powershell Remoting was developed under 32bit Powershell platform. I will check and see what can I do with it.
Hi, first thanks for the hard work.
After running the install scripts I begin the powershell remoting service and it starts but doesn't open any port.
I look at the event log and there are two errors related to identity like 'Some or all identity references could not be translated.'.
My machine is XP SP2 and powershell RC2. In powershell remoting manager appears the default option: and port 8080. But the service is not listening at any port.
Any ideas ?
first check your user.xml
there is some error.

second, service is running but only allow Administrator login from localhost.

good luck
Yes !
I hadn't changed user.xml and as a spanish user the group "users" don't exists in my machine.
So I changed to my user, and then I got a message about some problem with initializedrives. I changed the user the service is running with from networkservice to my user and it works nicely now.
Thanks !
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