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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PowerShell Remoting version For V1.0

PowerShell Remoting version
1. Rebuild For PowerShell V1.0 RTW.
2. Fix "All User" profile not load at server problem.

Download here (381k)

Some user reported that PowerShellRemoting.ClientPSHost.dll is not registered properly in x64 platform. So I also uploaded a x64 build of PowerShell Remoting. Warning: This package have not been tested on x64 platform, use it at your own risk.

Please uninstall old version of Powershell Remoting before uninstall PowerShell RC2. After install PowerShell v1.0, you can install new version of Powershell Remoting.


Is the source code for PowerShell remoting available anywhere -- I'd love to dig in to it? Thanks.
I have some issue connecting to the remote machine using the client. When i give the credentials or choose default, it gives me an error: unable to read data from the transport connection...
Can someone help me with this
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